Wound Care

Wound Care Clinic cares for wounds that have resisted healing, such as:

  • Skin ulcers caused by poor blood circulation in the veins and arteries
  • Open lesions on the toes & feet (often a complication in patients with poorly controlled diabetes)
  • Wounds from a surgical incision that have not completely closed
  • A pressure sore over a bone, often caused by prolonged bed confinement
  • Wounds occurring in skin made delicate or thin by disease or medication
  • Traumatic wounds that have failed to heal

Benefits of the Wound Care Clinic:

  • Covered by most insurance plans
  • A team that includes:
    • specialty physicians
    • certified wound care nurses
    • registered nurses
    • nutritionist and physical therapist
  • After a thorough assessment, a customized treatment plan is done for each patient.

Enrollment at the Wound Care Clinic:

  • Enrollment is by physician referral only.
  • Physicians will need to call Outpatient Scheduling first at 265-8154
  • After the first visit, the Wound Care Clinic will do any follow-up scheduling.

Staff is available: Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

To contact the Wound Care Clinic, call: (256) 265-3052

Our Address:
Blackwell Medical Tower
201 Sivley Road, Suite 210
Huntsville, AL 35801