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Tram Information

Huntsville Hospitalís tram is a dual track, two-car system that is:

  • The first in Alabama and
  • Only the 2nd hospital in the nation to provide the service

The Huntsville Hospital Tram System has two modes, express mode and local mode. The electronic sign in each tram station indicates which tram is in the express or local mode.

Tram System

  1. Express mode
    • Travels 1600 feet from Huntsville Hospital to Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children in approximately 70 seconds
    • Travels from end-to-end with no stops in between
    • Most of the time, the south track (closest to Governors Drive) will be the express car
  2. Local mode
    • Makes additional stops at two locations along the route (Plaza Resource Center & Franklin Medical Tower)
    • Dwell time at each station is about 15 seconds
    • In most cases, the local service will be provided on the north track

Tram Facts:

  • The tram bridge includes 872 tons of steel and 29,000 bolts
  • The cars were manufactured in Switzerland and can accommodate more than 30 passengers
  • The largest hospital bed can be transported on the tram
  • The technology driving the system was developed by Poma-Otis.
  • The tram is available 24-7
  • The tram is used to transport employees, patients, physicians, visitors, equipment and supplies

Tram Guidelines

  • No food or drink allowed.
  • No smoking.
  • Tram car is subject to sudden emergency stops.
  • Standing passengers must use handrails or straps when tram car is in motion.
  • In the event of a sudden stop in between tram stations, do not exit the car. Push the HELP button.
  • All wheeled equipment should be placed against the front (direction of travel) wall, with the wheels locked.
  • Stretchers/beds should be placed with the patient's feet against the front (direction of travel) wall, with the wheels locked.
  • Wheelchairs should face the windows or door of the tram car, with the wheels locked.